A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

To get use Unbelievable arrow on standless

Screenshot 2021-01-09 114754.png


E: Hora! Barrage| SC slices and stabs at the enemy.

R: Sword Slash| User slices sword.

T: Sword Shot| User shoots sword forward. Disables your attacks until you gain a new blade.

Z: Stand jump.

C: Roll.

F: Sword Dash| User dashes forward and stabs the enemy, causing them to be slowed down for a while.

Use requiem arrow to get Old Silver Chariot Requiem (unobtainable now when you use it you get New SCR)

Use silver chariot requiem arrow to get silver chariot requiem- use white requiem arrow on silver chariot requiem to get white silver chariot requiem


Is a stand used by Jean Pierre Polnareff