How to obtain

You could have gotten this stand by using Sonic Diary before it was unobtainable.



E - Barrage (14 dmg each hit)

R - Strong punch (32 dmg no cooldown, and large knockback).

Y - Heal Yourself (16 heals per hit)

F - Timestop (Broken)

G - Pose

Currently B+ tier Unobtainable


  1. One of the B+ tier Unobtainable.
  2. This stand is the only stand variant in-game that comes from the game Sonic The Hedgehog.
  3. Like most Unobtainables, Stands with powerful moves can kill it instantly.
  4. Bad at PVP (good at valuable)
  5. this is stand is worth every C unobtainable tier, B unobtainable tier and B+ unobtainable tier stands/specs.(CAP!)
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