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A powerful ability that does not classify as a Stand

This is every spec in the game as of 10/2/21

Sonic Specs- Sonic, Hyper sonic, Exe sonic

Undertale Specs-Chara,X chara,SS chara, Sans, Delta Sans, X-Sans, Last Breath Sans, Rainbow sans, Gaster, Rainbow Gaster, Red Gaster, Galactic X Chara

One Punch Man Specs- Genos (Became Ob, Was Un ob), Saitama

Unobtainable Specs-Party spec, Purple Guy Spec (became Obtainable recently), Clown spec

FNF Specs: Tricky Spec, B-side spec, Garcello spec. Rainbow dancer spec

Miscellaneous Specs- Hidden Beast Spec, Weird/Wierd Hat Man, MUI spec, Hallow Spec, Jevil, Reaper, One Shot Lightning Spec, Gojo Spec, Megumin Spec, Sakuya Spec

sus spec: impostor spec

rarest spec: DOOM spec

Canon Specs below:

Hamon, Kars, Kars ULF, Vampire and Standless