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Sprite Cranberry appears to be an old ABD Retro Star Platinum: Over Heaven, Instead of Orange, Grey Palette, it instead has Red, and Grey Palette, with a big head wearing a MLG Glasses, Sprite Cranberry attached to its hand, and a sprite logo on its forehead.

How to obtain:

Star Platinum (Evolved) + Sprite Cranberry = Sprite Cranberry Stand (Obtainable)


Moves Damage Description
E - Cranberry Barrage 234 per punch Sprite cranberry starts barraging your opponent while yelling

the platinum beatdown but its edited

R - Sprite Punch 321 Sprite cranberry does a heavy punch while yelling "ORA"
T - Sprite Overwrite 87.5 Sprite cranberry charges its arm while yelling "OOORAAAA" for few seconds and launches its arm

to your opponent

Y - Sprite Heal Restores 20 health

per punch

Sprite cranberry does a barrage that heals while yelling "ORA"
B + Y - Sprite Self Heal Restores 10 health

per punch to its user

Sprite cranberry does a barrage on its user that heals while yelling "ORA"
X - Block 0 Blocks around 90% damage
F - Sprite Platinum: ZA WARUDO N/A (Broken) (Broken)