How to obtain:

Star Platinum (Evolved) + Sprite Cranberry = Sprite Cranberry Stand

Note: This is unobtainable.


E - Cranberry Barrage

Sprite Cranberry starts barraging your opponent while yelling the Star Platinum beatdown but it sounds edited

deals 234 damage.

R - Sprite Punch

Sprite Cranberry punches your opponent while yelling "ORA!"

deals 321 damage.

T - Sprite Overwrite

Sprite Cranberry charge a powerful punch and yells "ORA!"

deals 87.5 damage.

Y - Sprite Heal

Sprite Cranberry does a heavy punch and yells "ORA!"

restores 20 health point of another player each hit.

B + Y - Cranberry Self Heal

Sprite Cranberry uses a heavy punch on it's user

restores 10 health point of the User each hit

F - "The World!"

Sprite Cranberry uses his powerful and dangerous ability known as "The World" and halts time for the whole server

Time stop last ??? seconds (move is broken rn)

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