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All the following staff are official staff members which means they have earned these ranks through trust and the application process by the owner of this wiki.

Staff Profile Staff Name Description Activity Activity Time zone and activity time
BobTheRocc.jpg BobTheRocc BobTheRocc is the owner of this wiki. Very Active. EST.

Whenever I fricken feel like it noob B)

Memez.jpg JDiMeme JDiMeme was the first person to be given the rank thread mod, he is currently active on this wiki. Pretty active. EST.


Mon to Fri:


Sat to Sun:
MENACING.jpg Boggartdisco Boggartdisco is a sysop / admin on the wiki. The proper spelling is "boggartdisco." Pretty active. EST.

when i want

Every day.

Retired Staff

Tuskre: while he has not retired yet, he will deactivate his fandom account on June 25th due to school. He was a fairly active co-owner and friend to all.