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"Quote." - Example

^Put a quote here, with the stand or stand user's name credited. If it is a non-canonical stand, make up your own! You don't need a description for the quote. Make sure the quote is a header.

About & Info

^Here, include information such as when the stand was released, tier in pvp tierlist, tier in trading tierlist. It should be 2-3+ sentences. Make sure "about and info" is a header, and the description is a paragraph. If the stand is canon, include info about it here without spoiling too much.

Full Craft

Here, show the FULL CRAFT for the stand. Make sure you use links to the item page and base stand. For example:

Arrow + LMB = The World (3% chance)

The World + Glitched Lightning + LMB = Glitch Stand (100% chance)

make sure the "full craft" title is a header and everything else in the section is a paragraph.


Describe the stand here, in full detail. Use the template image (that you inserted) for reference. Make sure the heading is a heading and the description is a paragraph. Add links if you need to show an image of something that it looks similar to.

Table of contents

Put this here. This is possible by going to the top bar in source editor and typing (or copy pasting) "__NOTOC__" . then, typing "__TOC__" in the space you want the table of contents to be. If you are confused, look inside the source code for this page. This will not be a header. Just put it in and leave it at that.


Here, you will implement a table (done by clicking on the dropdown from "insert" in visual editor, and selecting table) and make a moveset. It should look something like this:

Ability Key Damage Cooldown Description GIFs



~15 seconds bruh moment punches in front of itself repeatedly
i like cut g A ow

the key images can be found be searching the name of the key. I uploaded them. If we're missing a key that you need, let me know on my message wall.

Battle Strategies

this will be directly underneath the moveset. Make sure it is a header. This will have subcategories below it.

General Combat Knowledge:

Here, give a brief description on it's strengths and weaknesses. For Instance:

Bruh moment is a very close - range stand. It has insane damage, but no projectiles whatsoever. It is also very slow. This means it can simply not catch up to faster stands or stands that have projectiles. This is its major flaw. However, it specializes in punishing close ranged stands, as it's insane DPS and knockback will kill the enemy instantly. Make sure the title for general combat knowledge is sub-heading 1.

Is Good Against:

here, provide links of stands / specs that it dominates. Make sure the title is sub heading 1

Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA

Fire The World

Bruh Platinum

Meme World

Glitch Stand

Is Bad Against:

here, provide links of stands / specs that it suffers from. Be aware that the reason for it suffering from it should have been stated already in General Combat Knowledge. Title should be sub - heading 1.




Rainbow Sans

Delta Sans


Shattered Dimension Stand


Here, provide offensive strategies, such as teleporting behind them, 1v1'ing them etc. Title should be sub - heading 1. Try to have at least 2 different ways to go on the offensive.


Here, provide offensive strategies, such as waiting around corners, blocking till barrage finishes, etc. Title should be sub - heading 1. Try to have at least 2 different ways to go on the defensive.

Extra Info (optional)

extra tips, secrets, glitches etc. If this stand does not have any glitches or extra info, leave this section out. Title should be header.

Pros and Cons

Here, list the pros and cons to having this stand, like so. Make sure the lists are in bullet list form, and you have the option to color the pros green and cons red. Try to have at least 5 pros and 5 cons. Title should be header.

Pros (make sure this is sub - heading 2, and the list should be paragraph)

  • Insane damage
  • Very loud, can hurt enemy's ears
  • Lots of knockback
  • People will think of you as famous if you have this stand
  • S++ in pvp and S+ in unobtainable trading tierlist

Cons (make sure this is sub - heading 2, and the list should be paragraph)

  • Admin stand, hard to obtain
  • Fake
  • No ranged attacks
  • Very slow, cannot catch up with faster stands / specs
  • People will spam trade you

Extra thoughts

(this will not be in the format, it is just to clear things up about this page)

This should take ~15-30 mins

This is not official, but it'll make the wiki look A LOT more professional, so it'd be appreciated. Thank you, all