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"HACKER" - a fake JoJo fan noob (Nise no jojofan'nūbu, 偽のジョジョファンヌーブ)

Standless is just nothing. It is the only stand that is F tier.


LMB punch that deals 10 damage

R heavy punch that deals 30 damage

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How to obtain

use a rokaka fruit on a stand or join the game for the first time.

trade a scammer, scammers are good people (actually dont literally do this lol, scammers are dishonest people)

If you use a Arrow on standless you get mostly common stands

If you use Unbelievable Arrow on standless you get stands that are kinda hard to get if you use a regular arrow

There is lots of Items you can use on it


This spec is obtainable and will NEVER NEVER NEVER become unobtainable. (just think about it)