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What are Stands?

Stands are the manifestation of your mind and soul like in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Each stands comes with different colours and designs like Star Platinum and The World


Specs, on the other hand, it is a physical technique of combats towards other stands and specs users in Jojo Games. Just like Stands, they come with different types of designs. Specs like Anubis or even Sans were available in ABJ

How can i get them?

There are so many items and ways that you can get them. Like Arrows, you can also buy it for shop to buy specs, but there are some stands that it is Unobtainable because it is either a limited-time stand or it is an admin / custom stand.

Stands ( Normal Arrow )

These stands are basically basic stands, not rare and strong. It can be used for evolution later on once you got the items you need to evolve it. Here are some stands that can only be obtainable from Normal Arrow

Stands ( Unbelievable Arrow )

Unlike the Normal Arrow, the Unbelievable Arrow gives more stronger stand like Made in Hallow's Eve and Silver Chariot, it also give some common stand that their chance increased when getting it from this arrow. ( For Example : 4% chance for getting Star Platinum from Normal Arrow, but 14% chance for getting Star Platinum from Unbelievable Arrow ). Here are some stands you can get by using Unbelievable Arrow

Stands and Specs available in ABJ ( Obtainable )

These stands and specs are obtainable in A Bizarre Journey, all of them comes with different designs. We even have stands and specs that are related to other games such as Sonic The Hedgehog and Undertale etc, here are some stands that are available in ABJ

Stands / Specs available in ABJ ( Unobtainable )

Unlike the stands which is obtainable, these stands are unobtainable because it is either an limited-time event stand or it is an admin / custom stand, here are some stands which is unobtainable ( Unless you have the item you need to evolve the stand )

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