It is a humanoid stand similar looking to Evolved Star Platinum but with White Skin tone and it has a Black scarf instead of red

How to Get

You can obtain this from using Dio's Diary on Evolved Star Platinum


LMB - deals 12.5 damage no cooldown

E - HEAVENLY ORA! barrage - deals 6.25 damage per hit lasts in 5 seconds and cooldown is 5 seconds

R - HEAVENLY ORA! punch - deals 37.5 damage cooldown is 6 seconds

T - HEAVENLY OVERWRITE PUNCH - a bit broken deals 37.5 damage 12 seconds is the cooldown

Y - HEAL BARRAGE - heals 1 per punch and heals and has the same cooldown as the barrage

B + Y - SELF HEAL BARRAGE - heals yourself same effect as the heal barrage

V - STAR BALL - deals inf damage has a very long cooldown


Yare Yare Daze, I'll Beat you down later, You're damn loud.

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