How to obtain:

You can get Star Platinum (unevolved) from an Arrow, or an unbelievable arrow.

Then use Jotaro's Hat on Star Platinum (unevolved) to get Star Platinum (evolved).


LMB - Punch

Deas 10 damage per hit.

E - Barrage

Deals 5 damage per hit.

R - Heavy punch

Deals 30 damage.

T - Star finger

Deals 25 damage.

Y - Iggy throw

Deals 60 damage.

G - Pose.

N - Quotes :

I'll beat you down later. Good grief. You're damn loud.


Use DIO's Diary to evolve into Star Platinum Over Heaven

Use Cursed Arrow to evolve into Star Platinum Requiem

Use New Play Button to evolve into New Youtube Platinum

Use Retro Head to evolve into Retro Over The Universe

Use Orange Star to evolve into Flushed Platinum

Use Bruh orb to evolve into Bruh Platinum

(Note: New YT Plat is unobtainable now)


There is a glitch that causes this to be impossible to obtain, be wary of the glitch as there to no fix.

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