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Star Platinum (Unevolved) is a stand. It is NOT Stone Ocean (Developers have confirmed this).


To obtain either use a Normal Arrow or an Unbelievable Arrow.


(Hold) E: Barrage

USP Does a barrage while yelling "Ora Ora Ora Ora!" and dealing weak damage

R: Heavy Punch

USP Does a punch while yelling "Ora!" and deals weak damage

Z: Stand Jump

USP Launches the stand and the user forward

T: Star Finger!

USP yells "Star Finger!" and deals medium damage

C: Roll/Dodge

User rolls forward

G: Pose (Plays a remix of Jotaro's theme song)

N: Voice lines

  • "Yare Yare Daze..."
  • "Good Grief..."
  • "I'll beat you down later"
  • "You're Damn Loud