A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How to obtain

Obtained by using Arrow and Unbelievable arrow chances %1 from arrow and 3% from unbelievable arrow

LMB [Click] - 10 Dmg

E [Barrage] - 5 Dmg per punch for 5 seconds.

R [Heavy Punch] - 30 Dmg

T [Star Finger] - 25 Dmg, This move is broken but you can still hit them if you click while using star finger.

Y [Iggy Throw] - Star Platinum throws Iggy damaging 60. (broken)

F [Time Stop] - Broken or non existing

Z [Stand Jump] - Normal Stand Jump

G [Pose] - Broken


Star platinum ova looks just like star platinum evolved but with light cyan body and black armor.


This stand will always be obtainable and will probably never become unobtainable.


Evolutions : Star Platinum (OVA) + Dios diary = Star Platinum OVA OH