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How to obtain

Use an Earth on Star Platinum:Over Heaven to get star platinum over the earth


Star platinum over the earth has an green body and black torso with an "Earth" on top of it's head


LMB | does 12.5 dmg

E-Barrage | deals 39-45 (critical) dmg per hit

R- Barrage | Finisher deals 78 dmg

T- Overwrite | deals 136 dmg

RobloxScreenShot20210211 235501644.png

Y- Heal Barrage | does 19 heal (37 crit heal)

Y+B Self Heal | does 19 heal

F- ZA WARUDO | stops time for 10 seconds (Fixed)

G- Pose (has rickroll as music)

H- Ground Slam | Does 90 dmg

Z- Stand Jump

C- Roll

N- Quotes "You're damn loud." "I'll beat you down later." and "Good Grief."