"Yare Yare Daze". - Jotaro Kujo"


It is obtained by using Cursed Arrow on Star Platinum (Evolved)

You get Star Platinum (Evolved) by using a Jotaro's Hat on Star Platinum: Stone Ocean


Passive A: Invulnerability

Due to your strength you can walk through time stops.


E - Ora Barrage

Star Platinum Requiem does a barrage dealing 134.9 damage per hit. (167.9 critical).

R - Ora Punch

Star Platinum Requiem throws a punch dealing 170 damage.

Y - Ora Self Heal

Star Platinum Requiem heals you for 101.2 and 201.2 HP each hit.

C - Roll

Roll on a short distance but without cooldown. (Spammable).

Z - Stand Jump

Star Platinum Requiem does a stand jump with low height but without cooldown. (Spammable).


This stand looks similiar to Star Platinum

This Is Also Known As "Star Platinum Death"

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