Thanos Stand.png

"You should have gone for the Head" - Thanos (Sanosu, サノス)

Obtainable stand obtained by using Infinity Stone on The World


Moves Damage
E - Power Stone Barrage 356.9 (Kicks)

289.9 (Punch)

R - Power Stone Heavy Punch 298.9
U - Soul Stone Heal Heals 245.9
B + U - Soul Stone Self Heal Heals 234
X - Power Stone Block Block 80% - 90% Damage
C - Space Stone Teleportation Teleports at a very very short distance

(You can spam with this)

Z - Power Stone Jump You jump higher than a normal stand jump
G - Pose Plays thanos beatbox song
N - Quotes

Pros & Cons


  1. AMAZING Damage
  2. C is good for dodging attacks
  3. Block is good for taking damage that you cant dodge
  4. It is over heaven, meaning you can bypass all of sans' stamina and can one shot sans.
  5. Click does 66 damage


  1. Can be killed by stronger stands/specs
  2. Low Durability
  3. Countered by faster stands/specs
  4. Bad rarity
  5. Doesn't have infinity gauntlet snap
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