Obtainable stand obtained by using Infinity Stone on The World

LMB - 66 damage

E - Punch Barrage/Kick Barrage (does 356.9 damage per kick, 289.9 damage per punch)

Thanos Stand.png

R - Heavy Punch (298.9 damage, has short cooldown)

U - Heal (heals 245.9)

U + B - Self Heal (heals 245)

X - Block (blocks about 80% - 90% of damage)

C - Teleport (short range but no cooldown)

Z - Stand Jump (jumps higher than normal stand jumps) (short cooldown)

G - Pose (Plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al-pmdV8d-0)

Thanos Stand.png

N - Quotes ("I Have All The Stones." "This Is...Thanos." and "You should have gone for the head.")

Its tier is an Obtainable S.



  1. Good Rarity
  2. Amazing Damage
  3. C is good for dodging attacks
  4. Block is good for taking damage that you cant dodge


  1. Can be killed by stronger stands/specs
  2. Low Durability
  3. Countered by faster stands/specs
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