Thanos Stand

Thanos Stand ( Mighty Admin Thanos ).png
Stand Stats Durability - B+ , Speed - A+ , Destructive Power - SS+
Moves Damage
E - Power Stone Barrage 356.9 (Kicks)

289.9 (Punch)

R - Power Stone Heavy Punch Deals 298.9 Damage.
U - Soul Stone Heal Heals 245.9.
B + U - Soul Stone Self Heal Heals 234.
X - Power Stone Block Block 80% - 90% Damage.
C - Space Stone Teleportation Teleports at a very very short distance.

(You can spam with this)

Z - Power Stone Jump You jump higher than a normal stand jump.
G - Pose Plays Thanos Beatboxing song.

Obtainable stand obtained by using Infinity Stone on The World

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