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How to obtain

The Hand by WikiRatElijah01

Obtainable by using Arrow or Unbelievable Arrow with an pretty high chance.


Most moves are just medium to low damage.

E: Barrage

Deals 5 damage and lasts for 4 seconds

Has a 5 second cooldown

R: Erasure Scrape

Does 45 damage

9 second cooldownT: Pull

Scrape that pulls enemy towards you

Deals no damage

Has a 6 second cooldown

Y: Tri-Erasure Scrape

3 Scrapes that deal 20, 30 and 25 damage

Has a 14 second cooldown

F: Heavy Scrape

Heavy scrape that is broken

Has a 19 second cooldown

G: Pose

Simple pose that doesn't have music

Z: Stand Jump

Basic stand jump

15 second cooldown

C: Roll

3 second cooldown

V: Self-Pull

Pulls the stand user forward around 20 studs

8 second cooldown

N: Voice line

A simple voice line

Doesn't have a working stat menu


The hand looks like Za Hando from jojo but with a few different changes.


This stand will always be obtainable and will never become unobtainable due to it being an common arrow stand.

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