How to obtain:

Chance to get:

5% from normal arrow, 15% from unbelievable arrow (someone might have to double check this)


E: Hand Barrage - Deals 6.1 damage per punch - Kick Barrage: 7.2 per kick ( 50/50 of getting one when E is clicked)

The World

The World.

R: Heavy Punch - Deals 30 damage

G: Stand Pose.

N: Quotes.


  • Filth.
  • If I were playing a game of chess with trash like you, I would've had you in checkmate ages ago.


Can be evolved to The World: Over Heaven using a Dios diary.

Can be evolved to Shadow The World Requiem by using a Requiem Orb

Can be evolved to TWR by using a Book of Spell

Can be evolved to Fire TW by using Fire Star

Can be evolved to Jason by using Jason Mask (Unobtainable)

Can be evolved to Glitch by using Glitched Lightning

Can be evolved to Thanos by using Infinity Stone

Can be evolved to Unknown Nightmare by using Unknown Hood (Unobtainable)


This is one of the three of the stands you need to get for a lot of stands (Rice Farmer, Star Platinum, The World)

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