It's appearance is similar to that of The World


The World: Alternate Universe is a stand featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run, used by a version of Diego Brando summoned in by Funny Valentine before he died. This alternate version of Diego Brando is appropriately named Diego Brando from Another World, or Other Diego Brando.

How to Get

You need to use Normal arrow to get it. It has a low chance of being obtained.


LMB - deals 10 damage to the enemy

E - MUDA! Barrage deals 4.5 damage per hit lasts 5 seconds and cooldown is 5 seconds

R - Strong MUDA! punch deals 37.5 damage and cooldown is 6 seconds

T - Knife Throw Throws 3 knives that deals 12.5 damage cooldown is 2 seconds

Y - Shootout You pull out a gun which deals 50 damage cooldown is 2 seconds

G - Pose (the pose is broken)

H - glitched out upon pressing H you will break the game and need to reset to stop the glitch.


This is Where The Fun Begins!

Seems my resolve bests yours doesn't it?

(press n to do voice lines)

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