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"You will eventually gain the power of 'Over Heaven' but if you do then you'll be my biggest threat. I shall end you here." - DIO (DIO, ディオ)

How to Obtain/Full Craft

Arrow + Standless = The World

The World Over Heaven.png

The World + DIO's Diary = TW:OH


TW:OH + Book of Spells = TWR (The World: Requiem)

TW:OH + Ultra Diary = UPP (Ultra Pot Platinum)

TW:OH + Rainbow Pot . = New Celebration Pot (New Celebraion Pot)

Movesets/Abilities (Reworked)

E - Ascended MUDA! Barrage

Unleashes a flurry of punches with white heaven blasts on contact. Deals 234 - 263 damage per hit.

R - Ascended MUDA! Punch

TW:OH Does a uppercut while yelling "MUDADA!", Dealing 299.8 damage.

T - Reality Overwrite

TW:OH Charges its fist before striking the enemy, Dealing unknown damage.

Y - Reality Healing Overwrite

TW:OH Charges its fist before striking the enemy, instead of hurting/killing them it instead heals them. Restores 50 health.

F - Donut (Replaced Timestop)

TW:OH Does a punch on the opponent's torso, Dealing 267.9 damage.

H - Ground Smash???

TW:OH smashed the ground and a heaven like blast comes up from the ground. 60 damage.

Z - Stand Leap

You jump higher than a Roblox character does.

V - Knife Throw

Throws a heaven like knife.


  • Can bypass Return To Zero


  • Not many evolutions