"ZA WARUDO! OVER HEAVEN!!" ~ DIO Over heaven

How to obtain

arrow + standless = The World

The World + DIO's Diary = TW:OH


TW:OH+ book of spells = TWR

TW:OH + Ultra Diary = UPP


E - Ascended barrage | unleashes a barrage with white heaven blasts on contact. 6 damage per hit.

R - Ascended punch | unleashed a strong punch with a heaven blast on contact. 30 damage.

T - Reality overwrite | unleashed a gay amount of force into a strong punch. 90-100 damage.

F - Timestop | Stops time for 10 seconds. (Broken on mobile)

H - Ground smash | TW:OH smashed the ground and a heaven like blast comes up from the ground. 60 damage.

Z - Stand jump | Self explanitory.

X - block | The stand does a block.

C - roll | The user does a roll.

V - knife throw | Throws a heaven like knife.


  • Can bypass Return To Zero


  • Not many evolutions
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