LMB - Punch: The world ova punches the target dealing 12.5 damage. no cooldown

E - Barrage: The world OVA lets out a flurry of kicks that deal 6.25 damage per kick Cooldown 5 seconds

R - Heavy Punch: The world Ova performs a heavy punch dealing 37.5 damage. Cooldown 8 seconds

T - Reality overwrite: With all of its might the world Ova thrusts its fist forward dealing 90 damage. Cooldown 30 seconds

Y - Healing punch: The world Ova performs a punch that Heals the player punched by 50 health. Cooldown 30 seconds

F - Timestop (NOT BROKEN!)

H - ground smash: The world ova punches the ground creating a shockwave that deals 50 damage to players around it. Cooldown 30 seconds

B+Y - The world OVA punches the user Healing them by 50 Hp. Cooldown 30 seconds

V - The world OVA throws a heaven ascended knife towards your cursor dealing 50 damage. Cooldown 3 seconds

G - Pose

N - Quote

C - Roll Cooldown 3 seconds

Z - Stand Jump Cooldown 15 seconds

The World OVA- Over Heaven.png



"If I were playing a game of chess with trash like you, I would've had you in checkmate ages ago."

by Lemon 1 Demon. (Edit by LiquidOxygen07 on roblox)

Grief 1 more times i leak your IP address.

I'm not griefing I'm just adding the image - Jasondabest101049

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