The World Ova: Over Heaven

How to obtain

Use an Dios diary on The world ova to get the world ova over heaven


LMB - Punch: The world ova punches the target dealing 12.5 damage. no cooldown

E - Barrage: The world OVA lets out a flurry of kicks that deal 6.25 damage per kick Cooldown 5 seconds

R - Heavy Punch: The world Ova performs a heavy punch dealing 37.5 damage. Cooldown 8 seconds

T - Reality overwrite: With all of its might the world Ova thrusts its fist forward dealing 90 damage. Cooldown 30 seconds

Y - Healing punch: The world Ova performs a punch that Heals the player punched by 50 health. Cooldown 30 seconds

F - Timestop (BROKEN!)

H - ground smash: The world ova punches the ground creating a shockwave that deals 50 damage to players around it. Cooldown 30 seconds

B+Y - The world OVA punches the user Healing them by 50 Hp. Cooldown 30 seconds

V - The world OVA throws a heaven ascended knife towards your cursor dealing 50 damage. Cooldown 3 seconds

G - Pose

N - Quote

C - Roll Cooldown 3 seconds

Z - Stand Jump Cooldown 15 seconds


The World OVA- Over Heaven.png



"If I were playing a game of chess with trash like you, I would've had you in checkmate ages ago."


The world ova over heaven has the same the world model as The world ova but has bright light green armor with neon light green meshs and has an white body


This stand is obtainable and will never become unobtainable.

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