A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How to obtain

Use an Arrow on Standless with an extremely low chance (1%)


The world ova looks like the world but is colored light yellow and light green


Use an DIO's Diary on the world ova to get The World Ova: Over Heaven


LMB - Punch - 5 damage

E - Muda barrage - 10 damage per hit

R - Heavy punch - 35 damage

F - ZA WARUDO - You stop time for few seconds (broken)

G - Pose - No music

Z - Stand jump - you and the world ova jumps high into the air

X - Stand block - you block and negate 70% of the damage you received

C - Roll - you roll and move a few studs

N - Quotes - (Insert quotes here)


It is obtainable and will never become unobtainable


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