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How to obtain

Use an Arrow on Standless with an extremely low chance (1%)


A reskin of TW with olive skin, and the rest of the body is a washed-out yellowish color.


DIO's Diary + TW OVA = The World Ova: Over Heaven


LMB - Punch - 5 damage

E - Muda barrage - 10 damage per hit

R - Heavy punch - 35 damage

F - ZA WARUDO - You stop time for few seconds (broken)

Z - Stand jump - you and the world ova jump in the air.

X - Stand block - you block and negate 70% of the damage you received

C - Your average roll, same cooldown and distance as Standless.


This comes from the Stardust Crusaders OVA Movie, which features multiple slight differences, such as Star Platinums colors, no humanized face Iggy, and so on.

The twin stand for this is Star Platinum OVA.