A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

Obtainable Tier List:

S+ Tier

, STW , Galaxy X Sans, SS chara, Rainbow Star Platinum Requiem, Galaxy Shadow the World , Sprite Cranberry Stand, Megumin, Rainbow DTW, Jevil, Glitcher , Shadow Jotaro star platinum, JSPOVA,

S Tier

Hyper Pot, XGaster, Galaxy X-Chara, Rainbow Gaster, , Shadow Dio, Skid Experience, She Moon, JSP, Saitama, Last Breath Sans, Noob stand, Bruh Platinum, Pot Leader, Retro OH, Flushed TW, Flushed SP, Hidden Beast, Pan Platinum, Frisk Spec, World Fire Stand, TWOH(Reworked),

A Tier

20 Milion Stand, Meme Tw, Space Gun, SPR, Sonic Exe(stand), Gaster, Delta sans, Xsans, Sans, Reaper, Error Stand, Xchara, Void Tusk, Hallow spec, DTW, Hyper Sonic, Smug Dancer, JSPOH, STWR, Shattered Dimension, Twovaoh/Spovaoh, Tusk Act 2, Tusk Act 4, Tusk act 3

B+ Tier

Sonic EXE spec, Sonic spec, Shiny SCR, SCR, Demonic SP, KCR, GER, Ice platinum, Cosmic Mario, Mario, Rocket Launcher, Devil Dominus, Bside, Tusk Act 1, ULF, Spova, Twova

B Tier

Kars, New Coffin Dancer, Crab Rave Spec, TWR, KC, Miku Stand, Sun SP, Earth SP, Spoh/Twoh, Made on Hallows Eve

C Tier

All Arrow Stands, Odd Stand

D Tier


Unobtainble List:

S+: Hooded Nightmare, (REDACTED) Stand

S: Herobrine(???) - Clown Man Stand(1-3) - Celebration Pot - TCAU(0) - Og Pot Platinum(0) - Verified Old Dark Pot Plat (Must Have The Verified DPP Role For This)

A+: Old Purple Guy -Cosmic Herobrine - John doe stand

A: Lightning Platinum - Made On Christmas - New Pot Platinium - Dark Pot Platinum -Ultra Pot Platinum - Darkest Dio Requiem - Shadow Pot Platinum - Pumpkin The World

B+: Sonic Stand - Old Silver Chariot Requiem - Old Coffin Dancer - Yellow queen - Old Cosmic Mario - Extreme Pot Platinum - Rainbow Pot Platinum

B: Forgotten Pot - Old cosmic luigi - Hooded Nightmare Stand - Luigi - Rainbow sans - Sprite Cranberry - Purple Guy Spec - Zero Two - Galaxy Star Platinum

C: Youtube Platinum - 10M Accomplishment Stand - Rainbow Dancer - 15 Million Visits Accomplishment Stand - Devil The World - Party spec - Genos - New Youtube Platinum - New cosmic mario - New Cosmic Luigi - Flame sans - Dark pot plat - Jason - Clown spec