A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How to Obtain

Tricky's Haunted Mask + Anubis = Tricky Spec


E - Tricky Kick

Tricky spins and does a kick causing the opponent to launch itself backwards deals double damage. (158 x 2 = 316 damage)

R - Tricky Punch

Tricky does a method of punch. dealing double damage. (198.9 x 2 = 397.8)

T - Tricky Slam

Your Roblox character slams the ground dealing AOE damage. deals 160+ damage.

Y - Improbability Drive

Boosts your blood pressure by activating nerves connected to the adrenal glands. (basically activates adrenaline) causing you to walk faster and jump higher for 5 seconds (note: Adrenaline is not good for your health)