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"I'm going to beat your head in." - GuestToBlame (Gesuto no sei, ゲストのせい)

How To Obtain

New Pot Diary + Star Platinum Over Heaven

Full Process

  1. Arrow = Chance of getting Star Platinum: Stone Ocean
  2. Star Platinum: Stone Ocean + Jotaro's Hat = Star Platinum (Evolved)
  3. Star Platinum (Evolved) + DIO's Diary = Star Platinum:Over Heaven
  4. Star Platinum:Over Heaven +New Pot Diary = True Pot Platinum.
    UNOBTAINABLE AS OF 9/??/21 Ligma Balls

Moveset for ligma

Keybind Move Description Damage Gif
LMB (Let Mouse Click) Light Punch True Pot Platinum extends forward and sends a punch for forward TBA
E Barrage True Pot Platinum extends forward and Unleashes a baggage of punches 134 per punch

124 - 132 total damage

R Heavy Punch True Pot Platinum extends forward and sends a punch for forward 234.7
Y TBA 16 HP per punch
G Pose The user poses N/A


Combo Difficulty Notes
Y + B Medium Heals the Stand User


  • Spammable jump and roll for easy get away tactic.
  • Y + B heals the Stand User making it useful for bosses
  • Barrage + Punch makes for a good combo if you can master it, You can spam barrage then go to punch, If you do it in the correct pattern one of them will never be on cooldown.



  • There is a glitch going on that makes it impossible to make Star Platinum (evolved) and The World Over Heaven. Best way to fix this is use a alt. (PATCHED, You can now make those stands)
  • There was currently a free pot diary update spilled early in the discord.
  • This was released 2 times as a free stand from New Pot Diary and 1 time as a VERY HARD stand to get.

Yes this is true but Ligma.

lowest c tier unob