A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How to obtain:

Use Torso Corpse Part on Tusk Act 2.


E: Heavy Punch (Broken)

R: Nail Shot (Broken)

T: Nail Multi-Shot (Broken)

Y: Heal (Broken)

F: ???

G: Stand Pose (No music or actual pose)

X: Block (No animation but works)

C: Roll

V: Teleport (Works like KC's Time Skip)

N: Quote




Can evolve into Tusk Act 4 using a Corpse Heart.


Tusk Act 3 has a LMB attack but it only plays audio for one swing and then does nothing.

Although the Heavy Punch animation plays, it does not deal damage.

The two moves above cause Tusk Act 3 to mostly stop working, requiring a reset. (No de-summoning and no noises when using broken moves.) You can still move, quote, and see your money.

Although you can move after LMB and Heavy Punch, you can no longer roll, jump, or V Teleport.

Nail Multi-Shot makes the sound of firing 4 projectiles.

The F move makes the same noise as the Heavy Punch.

You can hear the block sound on X so you can still tell if you got your guard up but if it were to get stuck, it would seem that you had used either LMB or Heavy Punch as they have the same affect as you blocking. That being said, pressing X to try and revert the effects of LMB and Heavy Punch does not work, you still need to reset to get your moves back

This Stand can't deal damage.