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Tusk Act 4 Has Recently gotten a Rework! New Moves Ect.

Learn how to get this stando on this link:Tusk Act parts

Tusk act 4 with a trash stand user

E - Ora Barrage. Tusk sends out an enormous flurry of punches, dealing around 100-150

R - Ora Hard Hitter - Tusk yells "Ora!" While sending a massive punch at the enemy dealing incredible damage.

T - Spin Rings - Tusk picks up 2 blue rings and infuses it with spin, then throws it at the enemy dealing quite low damage, but having the cool down of 1 second.

F - Infinite Spin - Tusk charges spin and then sends a yellow nail shot infused with infinite spin to the target dealing good damage.

J - Beatdown - Tusk picks up the enemy and does a beatdown dealing massive damage (must be low health)

Z - Nail Glide - Tusk infuses spin into his nails with tusk, and then puts it to the ground allowing him to glide across the floor.

G - Pose - The user floats (Not a bug) as if they are laying down pointing up while tusk goes above the user menacingly.



This is a stand used by funni cripple man aka Johnny Joestar