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The Holy Corpse Parts are the scattered remains of what is heavily implied to be Jesus, who is obtained by Johnny Joestar and other racers in the nation-wide Steel Ball Run.

The only stand these give is Tusk as of yet.

Each Corpse Part

the 1st item is Hand corpse (use on standless) for Tusk Act 1

the 2st item is Head corpse use it on Tusk Act 1 for Tusk Act 2

the 3rd item is Torso Corpse Part use on Tusk Act 2 for Tusk Act 3

the 4rd and the final part is Heart corpse use it on Tusk Act 3 for getting Tusk Act 4

Gallery of Corpse Parts (left to right)

The hand corpse
Head Corpse

Torso Corpse.png