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Picture of someone showing Ultra Pot Platinum. (UPP)

How to get it?

In order to get this stand, you need to use Ultra Diary on Star Platinum : Over Heaven ( SP:OH ) to get Ultra Pot Platinum.

(Currently unobtainable and a A Tier Unobtainable.)


E - Ultra Barrage / Super Ora! Barrage

Ultra Pot Platinum will punch the enemy multiple times at high speed while shouting " ORA ORA ORA ", dealing the enemy 19 damage per hit

R - Ultra Punch / Super Ora! Punch

Ultra Pot Platinum will punch the enemy with a heavy blow while shouting " ORA " , dealing 37.5 damage to the enemy

Y - Ultra Self Restoration / Self - Heal

Ultra Pot Platinum will punch its user instead of the enemy, but instead of dealing damage, it heals its user with an amount of 16 health per hit

Z - Ultra Jump / Stand Jump

Both the user and Ultra Pot Platinum will launch up into the sky with an short distance and an short height, but this skill is spammable due to having no cooldown.

C - Ultra Roll / Roll

The user will roll forward with an moderate distance, but this skill is spammable just like Ultra Jump / Stand Jump as this skill has no cooldown


This stand is currently unobtainable, but this stand's value is increasing due to high demands of this stand because of its rarity. It is recommended for you not to get this stand because it has limited movesets and it has low amount of damage despte having spammable skills

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