It is a humanoid stand with purple skin it wears a tiara and black gloves and shoes wears a loincloth and has black hair also it has a golden scarf and it has golden outlines around its body

How to Get

You can obtain this from Normal arrow and Unbelievable arrow


LMB - deals 10 damage no cooldown

E - ORA! barrage - deals 3.5 damage per hit lasts in 4 seconds and cooldown is 4 seconds

R - ORA! punch - deals 30 damage cooldown is 8 seconds

T - STAR FINGER! - a bit broken deals 20 damage 4 seconds is the cooldown

Y - IGGY THROW - its supposed to throw iggy but the animations are broken


basically Yare Yare Daze you press n for it to happen basically kinda broken

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