These are the Rank Tiers. They are from the offical Discord Server. Do not change them unless you think they REALLY need an edit.

(Remember ONLY Verified DPP role people on the Discord have their ODPP S tier and the role is unob now so for everyone else its basically A tier)

Rank Tiers



Dubz Thanos (Dubz Thanos may already be, or is going to be deleted.)

Old Admin Tier

Shaggy (B+ Tier) - CDOH (A+ Tier)

S Tier

Herobrine (???) - Clown Man (1-3) - Jason (500+) - Celebration Pot (1-2) - Triangle Crimson Alternate Universe (0) -Og Pot Platinum (0)- Verified Dark Pot (Must Have The Verified DPP Role For This)


Starfish Platinum - Old Coffin Dancer

A Tier

Cosmic Herobrine - Old Purple Guy - Dark Pot Platinum (OLD) - Lightning Platinum - Party Spec

B+ Tier

Galaxy The World - Sonic Stand - Pumpkin the World - Ultra Pot Platinum - New Pot Plat - Shadow Pot - Made In Christmas - John Doe - Darkest Dio Req - Old Silver Chariot Req

B Tier

Yellow Queen - Extreme pot - Cosmic Luigi - Unknown Nightmare - Luigi - Old Cosmic Mario - Rainbow Pot Plat - Forgotten Pot Plat - Rainbow Sans

C Tier

Sprite Cranberry - Purple Guy Spec - Zero Two - Old Youtube Platinum - Galaxy Star Platinum - 10 Million Stand - Rainbow Dancer - Genos - Impostor - Yt Plat - Fallen Angel - New Cosmic Mario - New Cosmic Luigi - Flame Sans

Deleted Tier

Red Samurai (Still obtainable.) - Old Patrick (Does not exist anymore.) - Old KC (Doesn't exist besides the name.) - Shiny Sword}

F tier doesnt exist smh

Predictions So Far

C Tier = 900 + Owners

B Tier = 900 - Owners

B+ Tier = 600 - Owners

A Tier = 300 - Owners

A+ Tier = 150 - Owners

S Tier = 10 - Owners

These are only predictions that are not to be taken seriously and could be very inaccurate, so don't take it to heart.

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