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Unobtainable Item Tier List (Note: this is to the best of my knowledge and isnt all the unob items)

S Tier:

Yellow Diary, Dark Devil horns, Boombox, Rainbow Arrow, New Silver Chariot Req arrow(what makes Oscr), Herobrine Diary, Cosmic Herobrine Diary, Clown diary?(idk the full name), Hell Diary, Samurai Diary, Epic Banknote, Devil Banknote, Patrick Diary, Holy Corpse, Killer Diary, Light Diary, New Killer Queen Diary, Odd Radio, Oni Diary, Jason Diary, Pot Diary

A+ :

Hallows Diary, Lightning Diary, Sonic Diary

A Tier: Celebration Diary (50) , Galaxy Orb, Old Coffin Dancer Diary

B+ Tier:

Pumpkin, Pottest Diary, Ultra Diary, Shadow Head, Darkest Helm, Black Cooking Pot

B Tier:

Sprite item, Rainbow Orb, Christmas Light, Purple Star, Jason mask,

C Tier:

Rainbow Bone, Purple Bomb, YouTube Play button, Zero Two Diamond, Moon, Forgotten Gem,Yellow Crown, Unknown Hood, Accomplishment Medal,Fireball, Impostor Button,Cosmic Hat , Cosmic Mario Cap (I Think)

(Unobtainable Item Tier List grabbed off of Discord by Intrepet) bruh this ain't up to date lazy

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