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Hey there, I hope you have a good stay here at the "A Bizarre Journey" wiki, I'm the owner BobTheRocc. I adopted this wiki when I saw that it was being vandalized a lot.

Goals: Start making update pages, revamp all stand pages, make newer and better templates for stands and specs, make a good item template, get everyone who edits to start editing a certain way (a good way), revamp all spec pages, make a better spec template, start to get some more partnerships with other wikis going.

Personal goals: 100 edits (Done) 200 edits 300 edits 400 edits 500 edits 600 edits 700 edits 800 edits 900 edits 1000 edits Anyway, if you need anything leave a message on my message wall and I'll get to it when I can.



//*credit to Ayy-..Lilith? for the background and character things *//


Odd's events in a year: 『free robuck if you play my game please goddamn it I need the money my parents disowned me and I need to pay rent for the 4ft by 4ft apartment I'm living in or the landlord is going to snap my kneecaps because this will be the 3 month in a row that I haven't payed my damn rent. Also 10000x event and free rare unob』

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