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"You can't run away from us." - Glitch (Guritchi, グリッチ)

How to Obtain

The World+ Glitched Lightning = Glitch Stand

S+ tier in trading value.


Glitch Stand is all black, diamond plated, and has red eye. He wears a dark grey diamond plated Valkyrie on his head. This stand was heavily inspired by "Glitch" from another roblox JJBA game (precisely A Bootleg's Day), however it was sadly taken down due to exploiters going through the owners account.

This is one of the most powerful stands, damage wise.


E (hold) - Barrage: Does an extremely fast barrage damage to 299.8 on average, 323.9 on critical.

R - Heavy punch: Does a heavy punch of 356.7.

Y - Self-heal: Self-heals an unknown amount of health, Self Heal Double punches. If any of you find the heal of the full punch, divide it by two and that will give you how much heal per punch.

V - Teleport (spammable): Teleports you within a pretty large range.

C - Roll (spammable): Similar to rolls of Rainbow Star Platinum Requiem and Retro The Universe

Z - Jump: You jump like any other stand except it packs a smaller jump after the end of the first jump.

G - Pose: You pose playing one of 2 different songs, one of them is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ee1ZSLhIPzY and the other is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8Jen4lwGpc

N - Quotes:

  • You can't run away from us.


The Glitch stand was actually based off of "A Bootleg's Day" Glitch stand. It was exactly like this because A Bootleg's Day Glitch stand had a devastating barrage, same pose, (abj owners stole from a bootleg's day lmfao) and the slow heavy punch.

Glitch used to originally be entirely black with no eyes or material but the owner/devs changed it to prevent controversy.

Countering Glitch

If you're fighting a Glitch player use a stand with a lot of mobility to dodge it's barrage. To fight Glitch you can either counter it with high mobility, and do a hit and run. If you don't have either of these try to use projectiles. (B-Side, and pretty much any stand with AOE moves.) I shall now list the best stands to fight Glitch in the categories of mobility and hit and run.

Best Mobility Counters For Glitch.

MUI - Speed and Damage. (never use barrage and use your Q move to your advantage due to Glitch's low mobility and your Q's range)

XChara/Galactic XChara - High Mobility (never use X event and only your T move due to X event having a charge)

B-Side - Damage Negation, speed, projectiles. (use speed and projectiles to your advantage and damage negation)

Flying Angel - Instant Teleports and quick damage hits. (don't use heavy punch or any charge move.)

Fire The World - Basically the same stand so whoever has more skill wins.

Sans - Use your range moves to counter this stand and use Z to run away (never barrage or try to fight the enemy by hands)

Using Glitch

To use Glitch you need to have quick senses if you are fighting very strong stand/specs and with high mobility. Mainly keep out for Flying Angel stand users due to their instantaneous teleport. if you know when they're gonna teleport make sure to use your stand jump. You would also need to predict where they are gonna go and never use your barrage randomly because they can always track where you are. if your against a XChara/Galactic XChara you can simply camp on a building. For B-Side you always need to rush them. Though they have a damage negate they can still take heavy damage. If you're versus an MUI you could say it's near unbeatable. Their Q has gigantic range and can increase their speed. Though if you make use of their Q cooldown and their standing still waiting to hit you with it quickly teleport down and shred their HP. Then rinse and repeat versus an MUI or simply wait till they switch.

Person making glitched stand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIDGqAzwA6I

Basically it's very good.


  • It has a ton of hp.
  • It's fast.
  • Very high damage and likely to kill stands that has no range move.


  • Not many moves.
  • Will lose to stands/specs that have range moves.