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Anubis appears as an approximate version of the mythological Anubis it's named after Egyptian mythology, with a human body and a jackal head.

It's bound to a thin scimitar with an elaborate, jeweled-encrusted cross-guard complete with a scabbard. However, rather than Anubis itself, only the sword appears in-game, rather than the Anubis God.

For the sword itself, The sword has an angelic look, it has a long grip, following with a long curved blade. Befitting its namesake, Anubis possesses a black lead in both the colored manga and anime. Its headdress is also yellow in both media.


Type of Ability Name Description
The player cannot attack unless they unsheathe their sword.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
The user draws back Anubis, then performs a lunge attack. Anyone hit will be knocked back dealing a moderate amount of damage.
Moderate Damage
15 damage
0.5 seconds
Sharp Strike
The user draws back Anubis, then performs a lunge attack. Anyone hit will be knocked back dealing a moderate amount of damage.
Moderate Damage
20 damage
Possessed Mode
The user will stand still for 2 seconds and activate this form giving a purple aura to signify the user being possessed. Activating this will change the user's moveset, gain the ability to bypass any counter, and give Anubis a different model. This can be toggled back at any time.
No Damage
No Cooldown
(Excluding Possessed Form activation)

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Swift Slashes
The user swings their sword 2 times with 2 variants, light and heavy. The light attack combo deals a great amount of damage, while the heavy attack combo deals superior amount of damage.
Great Damage (Light Attack)
30 to 49 damage

Superior Damage (Heavy Attack)
50 to 60 damage
5 seconds
Mighty Execution
The user lunges the sword forward dealing moderate damage to the target. The target is then lifted using the sword for some time. The player will lunge their sword forward again dealing great damage.
Good Damage (Grab)
15 to 30 damage

Good Damage (Throw)
30 damage
8 seconds
Defensive 360° Slashes
The player tilts their head for 1 second, then begins to swing Anubis in front of themselves with high speed for 5 seconds, dealing godly damage over time. The user's walk speed is reduced in this mode, but your block is active.
Pitiful Damage 
2 to 3 damage per hit
10 seconds
Three Strike Combo
The user quickly lunges their sword twice, dealing a good amount of damage each hit followed up with a final strike dealing a great amount of damage.
Good Damage (First and Second Lunge)
15 to 20 damage

Great Damage
35 to 37 damage
12 seconds
Rather than rolling, the user will move forward very fast for a split second. The distance you can dash is randomized and can be short or far. This can go further than the regular dash of Vampire, Santana, or Kars.
No Damage
3 seconds
While blocking
Parry Attack
While blocking, the user is able to quickly slash an attacking enemy to deal moderate damage and knock them back a fair distance.
Moderate Damage
10 damage
3 seconds


In Possessed Mode:

  • LMB + E + R + F Medium
  • R + E + T Medium
  • LMB + C (If needed) + R + F Hard
  • H + E + R + X+ LMB
  • X + LMB + C + R + E + C + F Medium/Hard (It is better to keep distance so that you won't get hit)
  • R + F + E Easy/Medium
  • X+ RMB + C + F + LMB + LMB + R Medium
  • X + RMB + C + F + R + C + E + X + RMB + LMB +LMB + E + F + X + RMB + C + LMB + LMB + R + C + E + X + RMB + C + F + LMB + R + C + X + RMB + E + LMB Hard

In Normal Mode

  • LMB + LMB + E + LMB Easy
  • E + H Easy (used to get into Possessed mode when not in it.)


  • Dashing distance is further than most abilities in-game.
  • Bypasses counters in Possessed Mode.
  • Low cooldowns.
  • Low damage stand but makes up for it with lots of combos and fast moves and great mobility
  • Anubis stronk stand go brrr


  • T-Move can be dodged easily and is extremely punishable; not worth using at all.
  • No ranged attacks.
  • It is possible for people to hit you while you are holding them on your sword (R move).
  • Does not have a stand jump to avoid time stop, which forces you to tank up with the block.
  • Confusing hitboxes.


  • Anubis received a rework that was shortly reverted. It's moves consisted of a tripping move, a throw move where the victim is thrown upwards, spammable slashing and a short leap.
  • Anubis's LMB attack is slightly faster in Unpossessed mode.
  • When in normal mode, the hilt of Anubis is wrapped in cloth since when a person directly touches the hilt, they get possessed by Anubis.
  • With the removed Anubis Rework, Anubis gained 1 voiceline which is: "I will take your life."
  • It used to have a quote but this got removed, it was: "Anubis is the strongest stand. Die!", this quote is from JJBA: Heritage for The Future, quoted from Khan's battle intro. The quote played during the R move in Possessed Mode, hence the delay before the strike.
  • It is one of the few stands that can suddenly change their move set, the others being Crazy Diamond, Shadow The World, Gold Experience, Tusk and King Crimson (Two Arm Doppio).
  • This stand is needed for the Samurai quest, the requirement being to deal 2000 damage with the normal mode.
  • In possessed mode, Anubis bypasses counters like the Over Heaven Stands.
  • The E move in Normal Mode does not hit Dummies.
  • The blade has a purple trail following it, similar to The Emperor's bullets.
  • This is one of five stands in the game to not be humanoid, others being DKC, TADKC, The Emperor, and Mr. President.
  • Anubis is currently is the only Stand to have a right click ability. lol




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