A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

basically star platinum but with an ahega face and his linen cloth is stained yellow.

E) Piss barrage: pp barrages you, causing pee to splatter everywhere (600 damage per punch)

R) Piss covered slap: pp slaps you with his piss covered hand. 5000 damage.

T) Piss turret: pp uses his dong like a turret, shooting at the cursor. 800 damage per shot.

Y) piss donut: pp quickly stops time to stick his dong in the enemies A-hole, causing it to become a pee-pee donut. inf damage.

V) pee portal: pp pee's a portal, and jumps in it. jumps out at cursor. inf range.

F) Piss crash: pp summons a giant toilet, filled with pee. he then slams it to the ground, causing pee to splash everywhere, destroying the server.

G) Piss fountain: the user squats down like a wannabe gangster, while pp floats in the air like he's laying on his back in the ocean, as he slowly spins faster and faster, as he pees. He will the cap out, making a pee sprinkler around him. most powerful pose, as it knocks back people away.

this is a joke dont take away my rank bobby is cool.