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WMS/Sy Custom Stand Appears to be a modified The World with a white neon black palette, some sort of jetpack on its back, two missile launchers on its back of the legs, and white neon eyes, looks pretty eye-catching, get it?

How to obtain

In order to obtain this stand, you will need to use Mechanical Part ( Unobtainable ) on The World : Alternate Universe.


Enhanced Armor - Because of your enhanced armor, your stand is very tanky, meaning that it has an higher defence than any other stand due to its war-like armor and weapons on the stand itself. (Note : This stand is not an over heaven stand meaning that golden experince requiem's return to zero can kill this stand) all move is spammabke


WMS (War Machine Stand) may have less and limited movesets, but its destructive force and power is quite high for an admin stand/custom stand. All movesets for this stand is spammable (Maybe)

E - Steam Barrage (spamm

WMS (War Machine Stand) will punch the enemy multiple times at high speed, dealing the enemy 169 damage per hit to the enemy.

  • It may be an ordinary barrage, but it has an immerse amount of damage that can destroy an enemy within seconds

R - Metal Heavy Punch

WMS ( War Machine Stand ) will punch the enemy with a heavy blow, dealing the enemy 170 damage

  • Like Barrage, may be ordinary, but it can destroy an enemy with its immerse amount of damage

Z - Steam Jump

Both WMS ( War Machine Stand ) and its user will launch up into the sky with an moderate jump height and distance

X - Metal Block

WMS ( War Machine Stand ) will do an blocking pose while moving in front of its user. It nullify 100% of the enemy's attack no matter what skill they use.

C - Roll

The user will roll forward with an short / moderate distance


This stand is currently Unobtainable because this is an Custom Stand by the admins of this game. Again, Odd lies to us that Mechanical Gear is possible and not hard to get.


This Youtuber, LemmyRBLX, who is an content creator and an moderator in some of the popular Jojo Games in Roblox currently has this stand in ABJ ( A Bizzare Journey ). Here's the link about Lemmy showing this custom stand



  • This stand used to be a custom stand.
  • When you click storage on the bottom left, instead of being called "War Machine Stand" it instead named "SyStand"
  • This stand is based on an superhero called War Machine, which is originated from Marvel
  • This is the devs making a FAKE UPDATE AGAIN.