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why did the devs delete the first weird hat stand page

This is the Weird hat/Rice farmer spec

Straw Hat Spec


A Straw Hat On Your Avatar

How To Obtain

It can be obtained by using arrow, it is a spec that has a straw hat (pic of spec at the side)


E - Weird Barrage

You start to barrage the opponent, dealing 5 damage each hit.

R - Weird Strong Punch

You throw a strong punch dealing 30 damage.

T - Weird Scream

You scream, hitting people around you for 25 damage.

Z - Air Attack

You start flying while hitting any opponents in your way for 5 damage.

(I took this from trello)



Fast in flight

Makes a lot of specs


Low dmg output

Not worth really ANYTHING

Low health

No block

High cooldowns