A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

LMB - X Slice

The user uses his floating hand spike to slice his opponent dealing 200 damage.

E - X Stab

The user pierce his opponent dealing 1000 damage.

R - Soul Destruction

The user pierce his opponent soul and destroy it, killing him instantly.


The user stab his opponent, if it succeed, his opponent is thrown in the air and pierced by every floating hands dealing 9999999999 damage.

Y - Mind Control

(Recquire to be in *Overwrite* Mode)

The user pierce his opponent soul and makes him become a zombie with a glitching X on the face, attacking everyone near the user.

(This move actually respawn the player that got pierced and create a double that become the zombie)

H - Soul Creation

The user creates a zombie with purple eyes attacking everyone around the user using a purple weapon.

(Those "Zombies" are similar to the Mind Control one but stronger and they share the player health, if the zombie gets attacked the player also does.)

J - Time Manipulation

(Recquire to be in *Half Determination* Mode)

You freeze the time for everyone during 20 seconds.

F - Overwrite / Reset

Overwrite : Reset the universe. (Kill everyone excluding the user.)

Reset : Rewind the time. (Heal everyone including the user.)

G - Soul Manipulation

The user swap his soul to Overwrite Mode or Half Determination Mode.

V - Teleport

The user teleport to the cursor position.

X - Bone Wall

The user creates a wall of bones in order to defend himself from any harm.

Z - Spatial Movement

The user fly at any direction he wants for an infinite duration.

Passive 1 : Time Paradoxal Resistance

The user isn't effected by any time alteration and can attack opponent using Return To Zero or Time Erase.

Passive 2 : Regeneration

You slowly regenerate your health while you are in Overwrite Mode.

Side Note : XGaster have a quite low health and share his health with the zombie he makes he also have a quite high cooldown on each move.