A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

To get X chara use X heart on chara

LMB(Left Mouse Button) - Click 3 times for the full combo. It begins with 102 damage, then it's followed up with 95 and 90 damage.

E- 50 damage with a small knockback.

R- 30x3 damage (It hits multiple times).

T- Does 3 sword slashes, each doing an undetermined amount of damage.

Y ( Self Heal )- 50 Health Points.

F- After a 1 second windup, you strike down similar to C-Moon's F, it does 122 damage.

G- Plays Overwrite Metal Cover By NyxTheShield OFFICIAL.

C- Dodge.

V- Teleports you to a Short distance where your cursor is.

( ps if I missed anything I am so sorry but because these are the moves I know and I'm here to fix the grief )


Destructive Power: S-

Speed: A+

Durability: A