A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How To Get

Use Red Gaster Blaster on Weird/Wierd Hat

Spawn Time is 1hr 30min


E) A bunch of little red bullets

Roblox 3 9 2021 12 12 53 PM.png

R) 2 saw like projectiles ( you can control how they move by turning your screen)

T) A few small orbs appear in midair. If you press T again they will explode within 1-2 seconds, and normally after you press T they explode after ~5 seconds.

Y) Heal - 50 health

B+Y) Self heal - 99 health

F) Gaster Blaster #1 (does NOT shoot a laser. It shoots a spherical like projectile that when hit leaves a scorpion)

G) Gaster Blaster #2 same as F but pink sphere

H) 3 blade like projectiles that works like the R saw projectile

C) A roll

V) Teleport (has limited range - about 20 studs)

Z) Basically the sans move where you ride on a gaster blaster, but instead you are floated forward by a bunch of hands

P) pose

X) Have no idea what it does but it makes you unable to use any moves or Z move so DO NOT use X in a battle.



  • Good rarity
  • Good demand
  • Massive move set
  • Lots of combo potential
  • Can fly (Roka soft & wet when in bubble glide, jump up and use Z and you fly)


  • Low healing
  • Close ranged combat stands would destroy this stand