soz for the the last page that the other one is ganna be gone

bad time mode

R= soul move it will move the opponent to the left right or up

E= summons 3 gaster blasters that do insane dmg

F= summons allot of gaster blasters

Z= short cut

T= summons bones the don't change coulor they are the same as normal xsans except they do more dmg

knife mode

Z= glide on a knife and fly for a few seconds

F= i am the x event does splash dmg and can kill other sans

E= stab y stab the opponent and do around about 165 dmg

R=y swing your knife down on the opponent I don't know the dmg\

T=its the same summons bones

hello there griefer i see y have deleted my other page regarding galaxsy Xsans y beater have a good reason for doing this causes this is wasting my hard work doing this

if y do tell me in my wall Ultrasayber kind regards

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