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Yellow queen was obtained by using a yellow queen crown on Star platinum (evolved)

Yellow queen crown spawned every hour and 11 minutes with a 1/5% chance of spawning and is not affected by the 10x event etc.

Yellow queen crown is normally unobtainable but It returned for 12 hours on 2/24/2021.

Moveset: its really gay

LMB - Yellow Queen does a normal punch dealing 7.5 dmg and playing a Minecraft player getting hurt sound.

E - Yellow Queen does a barrage dealing [310.9 or 345.9] a punch lasting 5 seconds with a cool down of 4 seconds. (Plays a meme song Omae Wa Mou - deadman) (When the enemy is hit it plays the Minecraft player damage sound).

R - Yellow Queen does a normal KQ r move but during windup it plays a Minecraft creeper about to explode, when hit the user now has a bomb attached to them and when pressing R again the bomb detonates while playing "Omaewa mo shindeiru, nani?!?" and a creeper exploding sound after which it blows up dealing 345.7 damage.

T -Yellow Queen performs a normal KQ t move summoning the little flying bomb machine which locks onto the nearest target and blows up every couple of seconds dealing 30 dmg per hit and having the normal 100 amount of hp. (To de-activate it simply press t again)

Y - Yellow Queen throws coin and hits it's opponent press R to explode coin (347 dmg) dealing 2.5 dmg and having an simply cooldown (if you activated it) 2-4 seconds

F- Yellow Queen punch the enemy with 50 dmg after this press F again to do Bite The Dust ability(throw you back in time to moment where you punch your enemy and regen hp to this moment hp maybe heal enemy too?) bruh

Z - Stand Jump (not spammable)

C - Dodge (not spammable)

G - Pose music play: "Revenge" by CaptainSparklez.

So far all of the moves except E are broken. (very true)