A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki


How to obtain:use Zero two Diamond on rice farmer(Obtainble)

E:Punch barrage deals around 245.8-278.9 damage per hit

Leg barrage deals 298.9 damage per hit(spammable)

R-Deal strong punch cause 323.5 damage

T-Star finger

Y-iggy throw(iggy is invisible)

G:Pose (works even without the stand out)

Z-normal stand jump

X-Blocks quite alot of damage

C-Infinite leap(spammaple)

N-Quotes(You never reach the truth,May time resume to original state,THIS IS TRULY THE GREATEST HIGH!,This is...Requiem)


Was a 2 days free stand by using Zero Two Diamond on Weird hat man.

This is the 2nd top B+ tier Unobtainable.

Has pretty low value since it was an 2 days free stand but the tier go high for whatever reason

Old tier: C

New tier: E

its ob again soo sorry for oggs