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This stand is based off Zero-Two, from the anime Darling in the Franxx.

It is a Star Platinum reskin with upped-up damage.

Punch barrage Your average barrage.

Also plays an anime-theme when activated.

5 seconds E
Heavy Punch Average heavy-punch. does 109 per hit 5 seconds R
Star Finger! A voice-clip plays of Star Platinum, the models fingers goes upwards for quite a distance, doing 25 on-contact. Unknown T
Iggy throw A clip plays of SP yelling, with it throwing an invisible Iggy Note: This move is broken. Unknown Y
Platinum-Roll Your average roll. It is, spammable, though. Low C
Stand Jump Your average jump with moderate-height. Uknown Z

Full Craft

Weird hat man + Zero-Two Diamond = ZeroTwo


This used to be an unobtainable.